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Black Dog Salvage & Columbus Architectural Salvage take on Barnesville Italianate Home

Owner of Columbus Architectural Salvage, Chris Sauer, had another opportunity to work with the Black Dog Salvage crew from Roanoke, VA. Chris and the Dawgs did not let the bitter cold temperatures stop them from salvaging architectural features from this Italianate home in Barnesville, Ohio.

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Columbus Union Station Building Ornaments Now Available at Columbus Architectural Salvage

Columbus Architectural Salvage is fortunate to offer these historically significant building ornaments from a lost local treasure. These items were salvaged from the former Columbus Union Station in Columbus, Ohio during demolition.

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Experience Columbus' Blast from the Past: 6 Columbus Antique & Vintage Stores to Explore

No retail environment provides the thrill of the hunt quite like an antique or vintage store. A nostalgic mishmash of trinkets and treasures, these spaces offer tangible pieces of history for shoppers eager to do some digging.

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Columbus Underground names Columbus Architectural Salvage #1 Home Decor Store of 2018

This year, our readers and editors selected a new number one home decor shop in Columbus, although it’s not a new store by any stretch. Columbus Architectural Salvage...

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Your Guide to the Unique and Marvelous Columbus Architectural Salvage

Columbus Architectural Salvage is the most unique store in the city. Full of salvaged (duh) items from historic properties, nearly every item is one of a kind.

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Chris' Creations in Architectural Salvage & Antique Lumber News

Chris Sauer, owner of Columbus Architectural Salvage in Columbus, Ohio, incorporated this foundry belt wheel into a table (right). Chris also repurposed wood from a bowling alley lane for this table (above) that features bowling pins for legs.

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Ohio Magazine on Columbus Architectural Salvage

Fifteen claw-foot bathtubs stand in straight, neatly organized rows, their rounded corners giving the appearance of a fleet of mini submarines. Nearby, a collection of antique wrought iron garden furniture and vintage outdoor statuary add to the surreal landscape that seems as if it could have leapt from one of artist Salvador Dalis canvases. All that is missing is a melting clock.

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Zettler Hardware Salvage Job

These photos are from a salvage job in our home city of Columbus, Oh. We always appreciate an owners' decision to save items for reuse prior to renovation. We are grateful for opportunities to salvage local treasures.

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Salvage Dawgs: Mount Vernon, Ohio

Remember when we did a salvage run with Black Dog Salvage in Mount Vernon, Ohio? They're great people and we're so thankful to have worked with them!

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Salvaged beauty

There's so many doors stacked in rows at Columbus Architectural Salvage, it's like oversized dominoes. Guinness World Record project, anyone? Chris Sauer hopes the home fixtures and vintage building materials he's amassed in his Grandview warehouse are put to use - whether it's for their original purpose or not.

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20th Century Thrift Store

Columbus Architectural Salvage, a dusty mashup of decades, resembles Home Depot overstock from the last 200 years. With education in architecture and history and a gig managing the city's historic districts, Chris Sauer, owner of this thrift store for wood trim, lighting fixtures, cast-iron pieces and antique door handles, is uniquely qualified to hawk historical wares.

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Old House Handyman...

See kid; meet candy store. That describes me in the Columbus Architectural Salvage warehouse on the North Side recently. And that was only one of four stops on a whirlwind old-house-lovers tour that my daughter and I took, ostensibly in search of the perfect window for our front door.

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Carpenter recycles salvage...

Chris Sauer would like to help Columbus solve an old problem. Sauer, a finish carpenter who often works in the Victorian Village area, says he grew tired of being unable to find a source of antique architectural elements for some projects - and seeing gorgeous old pieces thrown away on others.

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Shop Talk...

Whether you're renovating an old house, constructing a new one, or looking for a unique decorative piece, there's something new to discover around every corner of Columbus Architectural Salvage. The 10,000-square-foot warehouse at 1580 Clara St. next to the Ohio State Fairgrounds? is chock-full of rare and interesting finds, including vintage door and window hardware, fireplace mantels, doors, windows, sinks and tubs, stair parts, planters, and building ornaments.

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